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The Big WE: a Black joy-spreading, afrofuturist-visioning, real-talk food-for-your soul pop culture podcast. Big Laughs. Big Love. Big Joy. Big Dreams. Big WE!


Recent Episodes

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Season 2: Episode 3 - Beyoncé is An Afrofuturist: Your Guide to The Renaissance of Return

Afrofuturism is everywhere!  Allow Calvin and Anasa to be your guides to the Renaissance of Black storytellers who are accessing their imaginations to liberate the past, present and future… Nerd out with us on Beyonce’s return to the Continent, Black identity and storytelling at the Emmy’s, the nuanced magic of David Makes Man, Ta Nehisi Coates’ brilliant new Afrosurrealist novel, and more!

Season 2: Episode 2 - The Revolution Will Not Be Cancelled

Anasa and Calvin are feeling sad about Dave Chappelle. What do we do when people we want to root for disappoint us? How do we hold courageous conversations on important issues that call people IN rather than cancel them, allow space for growth and learning, but still center the dignity and humanity of those who have been harmed?

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Season 2: Episode 1 - 31 Flavors of Joy

The BIG We is back! In this episode Anasa and Calvin talk about the history and magic of #BlackAugust and why sustaining Black JOY is the most powerful, radical, healing, freeing thing they can do in this #YearofReturn. Plus: thoughts on #ToniMorrison #Ablackladysketchshow #Southside and more of our #Pop3 pop culture faves!

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